Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the service work?

Any individual eligible for MetroAccess service and planning a trip that will originate and end within the Maryland boundaries of the MetroAccess service area will be allowed to contact one of two companies and request service for the trip as an alternative to MetroAccess.

  • What are the companies providing service?

Regency Taxi and Silver Cab.

  • How much does a trip cost?

The cost of a trip will depend on which company is used and how far the customer intends to travel. For all trips the customer will pay the first $5. Metro will pay the next $15, and the customer will cover any cost about $20.

  1. Regency Taxi charges a flat fare of $20 for all trips up to 9 miles. The meter will kick in after 9 miles. Therefore, the customer will pay $5 for all trips on Regency Taxi of 9 miles or less. For trips that exceed 9 miles, the customer will pay $5 plus any amount over $20 on the meter.
  2. Silver Cab uses a variable meter fare for all trips. On Silver Cab, a $20 trip will cover approximately 7 miles. Therefore, the customer will pay $5 and Metro will pay $15. Any trip that exceeds 7 miles on Silver Cab will likely cost more than $20, and the customer will pay any amount over $20 on the meter.

Both companies are required to provide a trip cost estimate for all trip requests.

  • Are customers signing a document to verify their rides or showing an access card for billing purposes?

Customers are not required to sign any documents at the conclusion of a trip subsidized by the Abilities-Ride program.

  • How will I know when a taxi arrives at my location?

For trips on Regency: drivers will call once they have arrived at the pick-up location, if the customer is not outside waiting.
For trips on Silver: drivers will call the customer as the driver nears the pick-up location, and once more when the driver arrives if the customer is not outside waiting to be picked up.


  • Will the service providers have wheelchair accessible vehicles and allow service animals?

Yes to both. The availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) is a mandatory technical requirement for companies to participate the program, so yes the Abilities-Ride program will feature WAV service.

Accommodating customers traveling with service animals was io a mandatory technical requirement of the program, so yes the Abilities-Ride program will provide service to all eligible customers who are traveling with service animals.

  • There is a limit of 4 trips per day per customer. How are the number of trips per day being controlled?

Both companies are required to track how many trips they have provided to each customer each day. When they reach four trips for a customer, they are to charge the customer the regular meter fare, if the customer choose to take a fifth trip.

Customers are also responsible to ensure that they do not take more than four subsidized trips in a single day. Metro will evaluate all trip data at the end of each month. If Metro identifies that a customer has decided to take more than four trips in a day, Metro can and will take the necessary steps to address any abuse of the program.

  • What if a cab driver offers their personal phone number to customers for them to call them when they need a ride? 

For safety reasons and for economic reasons, Metro does not encourage customers to setup trips directly with cab drivers. If a customer chooses to do so, it is unlikely that the taxi company the driver works for would know that you are in the vehicle. Also, setting up such an arrangement would mean that the customer is forfeiting the $15 Metro subsidy, because that would not be an Abilities-Ride subsidized trip. The price of the trip would have to be negotiated between the customer and the driver, and that price will likely be much more than $5 base fare the customer would enjoy from the program, so there would not be a benefit to a customer to arrange such a trip.